Where will I go next

Since returning to the UK in the summer I’ve decided to stick to volunteering for now rather than heading straight into a job that could’ve easily made me think that the amazing year away was just a dream. I’m very fortunate that I had a tiny bit of travel funds left in order to do that, I have supportive parents who see the positive changes in me and let me come and go to their house when I need to, and I have the determination to find a way of life that keeps my mind healthy. Many, many times I’ve said to people that depression is the best thing that’s ever happened to me; it’s given me the motivation to find a better way to live and learn very many important lessons in life. That’s not an approach I’m willing to give up without a fight!

I did some stewarding at a festival, and I’ve been wwoofing (volunteering in exchange for food and accommodation and new experiences) in Wales and the South West of England. Travelling in my own country in this way turns out to yield many (though definitely not all) of the benefits of overseas adventuring. As of now, my plans are not yet fixed for 2015…


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