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If the answer is ‘Happy’, what was the question?

‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ Best answer to that question I ever heard! A familiar question, right? But there are so many assumptions within it: “What” – does it have to have a label? Does

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‘Life begins just outside your comfort zone’

Your comfort zone doesn’t challenge your thoughts. As soon as you’re outside of it, you start doubting yourself, giving you an opportunity to exercise that habit of recognising negative thought patterns and trying to stop yourself from identifying with them.


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A journey like no other

No-one has ever had exactly the same journey as I just have. Even if I’ve traced the footsteps precisely of 100 people, through South America and New Zealand, the thoughts we each had along the way may well have had

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The weight of possibility

Some blog posts just write themselves, but this one is struggling to take shape. So I could tell you about the days and days of rain in a fruitless quest to spot a Kea (alpine parrot), or the 4-minute hot

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Lessons from cats and the sun!

I’ve ummed and ahhed about writing this post, because it’s very personal and it reflects some things I’ve realised about myself that aren’t necessarily good! But then I’ve seen once more numerous examples of other people sharing this stuff and

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Campervan bought, initial plan made and I set off from Nelson with enthusiasm! A couple of hours’ driving and one night in a Nelson Lakes camping ground later, I woke up with agonising pain, asked for help and called an

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When you just let things happen

I seem to have accidentally stopped taking quite so much control over my plans and it feels like this has led to some truly amazing things. Much of the focus of this journey has been a personal one for me;

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Wwoofing in Wilderland

Stories beat stuff. Wwoofing in New Zealand (willing workers on organic farms) is something I’ve really wanted to do since I first learned about it from my awesome vege-growing friends. When I arrived in Auckland though, I thought I might

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Listen with the intent to understand, not to reply

Through all my travels it absolutely amazes and saddens me how few people I’ve met who have the intention to listen. Really understanding what someone is saying to you and listening to how it makes them feel is the only

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When you need to cry, just cry

Thursday – Day 4 Emotions are very human, yet so often people feel like we ‘shouldn’t’ let them show. Well sometimes it’s good to just let it all out. With thoughts of the last few frustrating overwhelming days and really

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