Always keep in mind the needs of the soil

“We have had the industrial, the technological, and are in the midst of the information revolution, which again is bringing about great changes. It is bringing great material prosperity to the few who have their hands on or adjacent to the levers of power. Elsewhere most of humankind lives in appalling conditions, forced to work in slum cities for starvation wages and sing to the tunes of the big multi-nationals. Farmers and farm workers are either starving or being forced to adopt methods which they know are damaging to the land. All over earth the soil is going, eroded by tractor cultivation and slowly poisoned by chemicals from agri-businesses. And so we have created lifestyles which are simply not sustainable nor pleasant. But there are many simple changes which individuals can make to their lifestyles which could change all this. And, if we are wise, we will not wait for the apocalypse before maki some adjustments. I do not ask you to blindly follow my suggestions, but merely consider them as you think about the future. ”

“I once knew an old lady… she was one of the happiest old women I have met. She described to me all the work she and her mother used to do when she was a child: washing on Monday, butter-making on Tuesday, market on Wednesday, and so on. “It all sounds like a lot of hard work” I said to her. “Yes, but nobody ever told us then… [that] there was anything wrong with work!” Today work has become a dirty word and most people would do anything to get out of work. To say that an invention is labour-saving is the highest praise, but it never seems to occur to anyone that the work might have been enjoyable. ”

“I have met people… who have withdrawn themselves from conventional work in big cities and moved out into the countryside. Almost all of them have found good, honest and useful ways of making a living. Some are fairly well-off in regard to money; others are poor in that regard but they are all rich in things that really matter. They are the people of the future. If they are not in debt they are happy men and women.”

John Seymour – The new complete book of self-sufficiency

“…he had a sense that money would insulate him from his adventure.”

“You realise that it’s beyond those acres or in your distant past, back in the realm of TiVo and cubicles, of take-out food and central heat and air, in that country where discomfort has nearly disappeared, that you were deprived. Deprived of the pleasure of desire, of effort and difficulty and meaningful accomplishment.”

Kristin Kimball – The dirty life












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