Freedom and fun!

From the glaciers I went along 12km of gravel track, passing only a sheep, to a free camping ground in an amazing setting, next to a beach with the mountains in the background.





The only conversations around were still German, but I decided to just enjoy the peace and quiet and having the beach entirely to myself, and have faith that I will meet more good people along the way: I’m learning that this will happen when it’s supposed to. I’m trying to let go of feeling the need for company. It’s difficult to let this go, because as I’ve said before people make a big difference, but I feel I’ve learned some lessons so I’m using the time for deep reflection. I’m choosing to try to think positively about the freedom that the van gives me and embrace the solitude and calm instead of worrying that I might not like it and the fact that it’s the least-possible environmentally-friendly way to travel!



After a beautiful sunny day, then leaving that view behind the clouds, I drove over the Haast pass all the way down to Lake Hawea [I can’t help but say this in a Geordie accent], past some lovely scenery to a campsite on the edge of the lake. Here I met a couple of lovely guys, one of whom taught me how to use the fishing rod that came with the camping gear with my van! Nothing caught (not sure I’d have been happy if it had been, for various reasons) but it doesn’t hurt to try these things and focus the mind on learning a new skill. 🙂 We were by the shore of the lake: apropos of nothing, a boat came over with a group of about 8 people including sheep and dairy farmers: they invited us onboard for a bit and gave us a drink and some funny and engaging conversation – Kiwis can be amazing!


Next Wanaka and some time linking with civilisation again; a scorcher of a day when all I could do was sit by the lake.

Then a perfect day for hiking, with high cloud keeping the temperature just right while not obscuring the views: just a very enjoyable small 1100m uphill climb to Roys Peak…
Gave a lift back to town to a retired couple from Penkridge!






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