What is wwoofing?

Some of the things I’ve done here in exchange for my food and accommodation include:
Weeding and mulching the vegetable garden beds
Planting tomatoes, aubergines and peppers (capsicums)
Learning a bit about permaculture
Building a path from cardboard and sawdust
Plum harvesting on a ladder and on top of the car
Weeding around apple trees in the orchards and around nut trees
Riding on the grass cutter on a tractor!
Serving customers and making everything presentable in the roadside shop
Nailing skirting boards into place in one of the houses
Lupin seed harvesting
Squishing tiny caterpillars who’d been eating the cabbages 😦
Taking herb cuttings and planting seedlings
Helping to prepare food for 30 people
Teaching other people to make bread
Tangelo juicing
Working in the honey house to extract and jar the raw honey











I’ve been aware of my thoughts, practiced mindfulness and not focussed on the negative. I’ve had deep conversations with people. I’ve had a few opportunities to practice life coaching people. I helped someone with her CV. I baked a courgette cake!

Some daily occurrences during my time in Wilderland.
There’s a big pot of porridge for breakfast, and a morning meeting to decide who will do what that day.
There were always plums to be eaten up, in the hall, or in the shop, or just picked straight from the trees – yum!
The circle – just before lunch, everyone holds hands and thanks each other for the work and good stuff that happened that morning.
The op shop – free extra clothes if you need them!
The shower being affected by the tap in the kitchen, aka the tap in the kitchen not being available cos someone’s showering.

Memorable times
On the summer solstice there was an outdoor celebration, a fire, drumming, dancing and fire poi.



Leading up to Christmas we did a murder mystery game – I killed Simo in the hall with some ointment, and Josh killed me near the old chicken paddock with a cuppa! Nobody trusted anybody to hand them anything for a week!
On Christmas Eve there was a brilliant ‘bonte avond’ – apparently dutch for a night of performance – and Christmas Day was just chillout with a bbq.










This is all a delightfully long way from stressing in front of a computer in an office in Southampton! I’ve just re-read some of my early blog posts and can’t help but feel that I’ve done something that’s good for myself and my crazy brain. 🙂

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2 comments on “What is wwoofing?
  1. Sam says:

    I love this post Em. Sounds like an amazing experience- you should’ve gone there first! Xx

  2. Rach says:

    So so happy for you! You really are a million miles away from where I was today now…I sat at your old desk 😉
    Well done Em…love ya loads x x x

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