The only place where someone yells ‘shark’ and everyone gets IN the water!

These are some of the real highlights of my time in the galapagos, things that really lifted my spirits and made me go ‘wow’!

Snorkelling for the first time ever at La Loberia beach, thanks to the marvellous Bekki for teaching me what to do! The water was really cold, but so clear, and there were loads of multi-coloured fish, it was really special. Then a young sea lion who I was watching playing a few metres away in the water suddenly turned towards me, and swam towards me looking me in the eye! I spluttered and put my head above water again, but knew they were just playing and soon got used to it!

Then the next day I was snorkelling again and had to just jump into the water from the boat, had to hold my nerve! But it was so worth it: I saw loads more big colourful fish and sea lions playing in the deeper clear water, and a magnificent huge sea turtle just a metre away from me! Just like these: pictures courtesy of the very kind Matt Pepler! 🙂

Then an hour later, snorkelling again through the channel at Kicker Rock/LeĂłn Dormido, in deep blue freezing water, seeing manta rays, turtles… and sharks, lots and lots of Galapagos Sharks, cruising about 10 metres below us, unbelievable! Bekki here dived underneath them and saw hammerhead sharks too. I felt pretty sea sick waiting for the divers to go in again, but it was worth it!

On Isabela when Fabien and Ruth arrived at our hostel with Marko, I was so happy to see them again! Then also the next weekend when they helped me to have a bed for the night when the usual booking from Jatun Sacha had gone horribly wrong (understatement)!

Chatting with Matt and Alice in my second week in Jatun Sacha – you two finally got me to go to the bar! 20130808-224458.jpg

Talking with Marcela and Andre by the massive fire that Hernan built.

Hiking on VĂłlcan Sierra Negro which last erupted in 2005, seeing both coastlines of Isabela, looking north, and seeing the black lava lake in the MASSIVE crater! (Feeling a bit like Frodo and Sam if I’m honest…)




Arriving on Isabela in the big shallow bay with the mangroves
Seeing Darwin Bay, where the Beagle first landed in 1835.
On Santa Cruz, people climbing inside a tortoise shell; and walking through a lava tunnel!
The sunset from the balcony of the ‘expensive’ hostel on my last night


Moving out of ‘the dark room’ at Jatun Sacha and into a much brighter one with Bekki – ok maybe not ‘wow’ but it made me happier!



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