Los tres amigos!

A weekend of sightseeing with my two new friends Gia and Luke! Starting in the thoroughly modern part of Quito, on the overpriced Quitotourbus. The benefit of paying the money over just taking local buses was that it was fine to get your camera out (plus you get that raised viewpoint) but afterwards we reckoned a couple of people could take a taxi and do a similar route cheaper! Live and learn. Plus you wouldn’t necessarily have the cheesy piped music to listen to…

I think it’s fair to say that we’re all just a little bit surprised (unjustly) by the mass presence of technology here; virtually every other shop is a smartphone shop!



La Calle de las Siete Cruces – the street of seven crosses, in the beautiful historic centre:


A view of Pichincha, the inactive volcano that dominates the skyline on the west side of Quito, taken from El Panecillo, 3,000m above sea level with gorgeous view across the city:

The Centro Histórico laid out in all its glory, and a bit of an idea of the setting the city is in, looking first North:

…then South. It’s vast! I don’t think I could really see obviously poor areas looking across the city like I could in Rio, which made me wonder why. (I don’t have an answer!)

A close-up of the statue on top of El Panecillo:

A view from the other side of Plaza Grande, with Pichincha in the background:

Luke and Gia in Parque El Ejido, with the freshest orange juice ever!

Welcome to Quito from the start of El TelefériQo, the cable car we took to the top of Pichincha:

Sadly the haze and smog refused to clear much today!

The bullring:

Estadio Olímpico, where during the qualifying for Germany 2006, Ecuador remained undefeated in this stadium. Parque La Carolina can also be seen in the foreground through the haze!

Looking South. The building is a little church which Carmen (my hostess) wants to go to but never has, purely because she’s too afraid of heights!

The peak of Pichincha, which you can’t see from the city below. Walking up here I could feel the altitude shortening my breath, as we were at 4,100m. But it felt much more free and clean than in the city. I made sure to take some moments to close my eyes, drop my shoulders and take a deep breath of freedom!

And it smelled of horses! That’s right, I was riding again, except this time on the top of a volcano…with a poncho on…


If anyone has any questions about Quito or my stay here, I’d be happy to answer if I can!

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2 comments on “Los tres amigos!
  1. tampino says:

    I was feeling a bit groggy over the last few days… made myself a brew, and pretty much instantly felt better… I realised that I hadn’t had a brew over those few days, and boy did I miss it! Is there a particular material item that you miss from over here that Quito would benefit from? And what one material thing from Quito would you like to send here? X

  2. Haha, certain people will be surprised to know that I’ve had only coffee, no tea at all since I left England! Well it’s just not the same… 🙂 Hm, I think I missed some sort of food the other day but now I can’t remember what! Quito would benefit from heaters, as nowhere has them despite it being so cold at night! But really a hot drink and piling on some extra layers is more ecologically sound. They need better exhausts here that’s for sure! Hm, I would send over Manjar de Leche (like dulce de leche), yum yum!

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