Some observations

Just a few things I noticed before I left:

I was cleaning my car (for the first time in a looong time) ready to sell it, and I couldn’t stop myself from doing the extra detailed bits of cleaning! Like (I kid you not) getting in between the lettering of ‘Toyota’ etc with a toothbrush… using the same toothbrush to clean various other gaps including round the window seals where the sponge had no effect. I was selling it for goodness’ sake! I should learn when to stop. There’s a saying that
‘How you do one thing is how you do everything – be aware’.
It’s true! Except I forgot to clean the wheels…

I’m nocturnal.
This wasn’t a new observation to be honest, but all my ideas come at night and I have to write them down so they don’t keep me awake or I forget them. Daylight hours just wear me out but I feel far more alert at night.

Once a spreadsheet geek, always a…
I was updating my budget which to begin with is in a spreadsheet – not sure how long I’ll continue that especially as spreadsheets don’t work so well on tablets – and I was completely engrossed! I must’ve spent ages on it, just tweaking this layout here, that formula there, and I looked up and it was 1am and my shoulder was aching! There’s something about spreadsheets and the fact that you can make them more and more precise that just consumes my attention, in a slightly unhealthy way! Good decision to leave them behind for a while and stop feeding the habit! I did also sit back though and think I have been incredibly fortunate to have the money to do this trip. It’s not just saving and being sensible, I’ve also been very lucky with timing of things that happened in my life. More about luck later!

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2 comments on “Some observations
  1. Rach says:

    One thing to say about this!…Geek!

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