Simplifying is complicated!

This post is to cover the bit of time between stopping work and moving out of my flat, about three and a half weeks. It could’ve also been called ‘In limbo’ which is kind of how it felt for a while really – the reason being that I was still going to need to live day-to-day in my flat but I knew I would need to be packing it all up soon, but I couldn’t yet!

I spent some of this time with friends while I still have the chance, and trying to decide how to get some order into all the things I would need to do to in order to reach my goal of having just a big rucksack full of possessions on my back at Heathrow airport with nothing else left to worry about. Oh my goodness, my lists go on and on! It’s the only way I can tackle it, personally – make a list for the day (or the next few days), try to make it achievable, tick things off as I go for a sense of achievement, and when I think of more things to do, add them to the next list! When people ask me “what kind of things?” my mind goes blank because there are SO many details, I can’t retain them all, I just know there’s a  LOT getting ticked off my list! It’s not like a normal house-move: I’m moving out with effectively nowhere to go! So there are lots more decisions about what to keep and what to not keep, which is a double-edged sword as it feels very liberating to simplify, but the cumulative decisions have a stressful effect.

A lot of that is because a) my subconscious assumptive approach is that I have to do every single thing myself rather than asking for help, and b) of course once I’ve thought of something that needs doing, it has to be done! Two big personality traits of mine that make me wonder whether I’ll really be able to realise that simple vision of me + backpack…

Thank goodness I decided to leave work early and give myself six weeks to do all of this instead of less than three. I would’ve been stressed beyond belief if I hadn’t. Best decision I ever made. Crucial! I think this is probably the most psychologically-challenging change I have ever made in my life, and although it absolutely feels right, it’s not something to be undertaken lightly by someone with a brain like mine! [Other approaches are available.]

It has to be said that utility companies don’t help – every single one of them has a different way of doing things when you’re finalising accounts!

But I must remember to get by With A Little Help From My Friends: Claire and Rachel and my granny and mum & dad have kindly helped me out loads, others have offered, and the retained contents of my two-bedroom flat have now disappeared around the country into a garage, a loft, a spare room and (temporarily) a landing!

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4 comments on “Simplifying is complicated!
  1. Rach says:

    “Thank goodness I decided to leave work early and give myself six weeks to do all of this instead of less than three. I would’ve been stressed beyond belief if I hadn’t. Best decision I ever made.”
    I need a ‘like’ button!

    Funny how when we give ourselves time things become clearer and feel so much better x

  2. Caryn says:

    Hey sweetie, have a fantastic journey I can’t wait to read all about it and am so glad you have set up your blog! Maybe one day it will be an “eat pray love” movie! 🙂
    Will miss you loads and looking forward to long catch ups! Big hug!!! xoxo Caryn

  3. Will miss you too Caryn, take care! X x

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