All this planning and working can be a lonely business. I’ve still spent a hefty chunk of my time alone in the last few weeks but compared to the reclusive few months before that I’ve been a positive social butterfly! It repeatedly amazes me how much impact the presence of people can have on my mood. You’d think I hadn’t been on this earth 33 years already reading that…

I’m grateful to Al & Alison, Sam L, Rachel S,  Caryn, Sam G, my parents and my friends at work: you’ve all gradually joined the remarkable Rachy B in the fight to allow me back into the world of the sociable! A massive hangover last weekend wasn’t really what I was after but my habitual tactic of being out but driving & not drinking will hopefully be showing its face again soon. I’ve been feeding myself a bit better. I’m not under- or over-sleeping because I’m more relaxed. An exercise class also reminded me how to focus on the here and now and my muscles and my breathing instead of my crazy brain!

People who have been routinely in my thoughts (I’m feeling insanely guilty about not getting back to them when they kindly contacted me) include Bettina, Sam R, Steph, Carol, Ruth, Helen…

[An aside: I’m looking forward to meeting some more lovely and amazing people like I usually do – see homepage picture – and being able to refer to them in my travel posts. It’s already feeling a bit egocentric to say “I” so many times! The bane of the blogger…?]

Something else related to interactions with people happened recently: we did a personality profiling exercise at work. I always find these fascinating and eye-opening. My philosophy in the last couple of years has been that you must must must invest in people to be able to make any kind of positive achievement in work. Non-negotiable. This means understanding what drives people, what de-motivates them, what their individual needs are in order to help them to be enjoying their work on a daily basis and the team to be as successful as they want to be. I definitely need help to attempt such tolerance and compassion towards myself though! (Understatement.) In the profiling, I came out (as I always do) as very evenly spread, neither one type nor another yet all of them at once. But this time something struck me: for me, it’s part of the reason why I’ve always been so ridiculously hard on myself. My brain thinks about each situation from conflicting angles and it criticises me for every single one of them, because it can’t decide which one is ‘right’ and keeps coming up with more ideas! Does it sound wrong to refer to my brain in the third person? Thinking about adopting that as a strategy…

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One comment on “People
  1. Rach says:

    You’re pretty remarkable yourself Em 🙂
    My brain should defo be a third person…so I’m with you there!
    These blogs are amazeballs…gunna be even better once you actually start your adventure!

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