Ticking some more things off the list

I’ve taken a couple of Wednesdays off work to try to break the week up to really change my focus to be my trip and not end up getting dragged into the work mindset. My inclination is normally to keep trying my hardest til the end but it means I give too much of myself to work, so I’m going to try to be different this time. Therefore I’ve brought my work leaving date forward by 3 weeks. I’ve decided that even though that will cost me in terms of savings, I think it’s worth it for my sanity in leading up to this huge change. It’s finally been agreed that I can work on wrapping things up rather than starting anything new/continuing to work to deadlines, which is a huge relief!

I went to see the nurse to get the first of 6 injections and numerous tablets. It’s a strange thing to have tiny weakened versions of various diseases all inside you at once! Also went to the doctor who reiterated that it should be really good for me to go away, and reassured me that if I need professional help while I’m away it will be fine.

I spent a good chunk of the day sorting out files on my computer and making sure I can access the ones I’ll need while I’m away, especially my budget! Naturally, I have a spreadsheet for this: I adapted one that someone had shared online – trying to keep it simple and easy to fill in but also trying not to forget costly details! I’ve updated it with the things I’ve paid for recently, so I have a grouped section for pre-departure and the rest will be on a daily basis as I go. My cash budget is going to be around £30 per day all in, although I will have spent almost that much again before I even leave the ground meaning that some days will be cheaper than others; for example in the Spanish school my accommodation is already paid for so I need to be spending less than £30 at the start. Otherwise I’ll be screwed when I get to (dear) New Zealand!

I’ve made my final payment on the New Zealand work visa. I read on the BUNAC website that they’ve now issued their quota of those visas this year, so anyone now wanting to apply has to wait until 2014. That feels even more like I left it uncomfortably late to apply for that!! :-\ I contacted my travel agent to change the flight dates for the last 3 flights now that they’ve been released. I’m hoping to change them again once I get to New Zealand. If I get a job, it will just cost me a small amount to move the flights back which will be affordable as I’ll be earning; whereas if I need to bring the flight dates forward if I don’t get a job, it’ll cost me AND I’ll be leaving NZ early, which would be doubly annoying!

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